Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Twitter & Tech Support

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Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Another new social media post. I'm on a roll I'd say! How is networking "working" for you?  Have you only stuck with one platform or possibly two? I use to only use Facebook and Instagram. When I started blogging I discovered why more people were using other platforms. 

Twitter....why?? What is the point? I thought Facebook was enough. Wrong! Do you want to grow your fans and customers? In order to do that you have to reach further away from where you are now. Which is normally Facebook, ha.

So if you haven't used Twitter yet, be sure to get it started pronto. I believe it is the easiest platform to get going, from my own experience of course.

Tuesday is for Twitter engagement and Tech Support.

As the graphic states, follow, like and retweet. The more people that do that for you the better. More views to your website or blog. 

If you have questions about how you can get started using Twitter contact me today or join the group. We'd love to have you there!

Have a fantastic Tuesday and don't forget to support one another!

<3 Jessica