Saturday, July 22, 2017

Utilize Pinterest for Business

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Hello there! It is Saturday....does that make you happy? Or maybe days of the week do not matter to you like some. For me, well, it usually doesn't matter here at home. However, it does in the online world where I schedule posts and keep up with social media sites.

Today I bring to you Pinterest and A Fact About You. This is one of my favorite posting days. I really love them all though! For Pinterest we share, follow and pin. Ahhh I love Pinterest. Even more now, since I am getting the hang of it.

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I like to get a little personal. Getting to know the people you are supporting is a must in my book. 

Connections=Real Support

We all like to help our friends right? I find it more rewarding to support if I know who I am lending a hand to. That doesn't mean I wouldn't help a stranger. I would in a heart beat!

So....Saturday is for sharing something personal. What is one unique thing about you?

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I hope to see you there. <3 Jessica