Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Little Monday Inspiration

Most people dread Monday's. I use to be one of them. Especially when I was younger in High School. I couldn't wait until Friday so I could enjoy my weekend. There really isn't anything wrong with that. Looking forward to something is great. It's the dreading part that just isn't healthy for us. We can't focus on our goals or our blessings if we are thinking so negatively.

Each day we have is a gift. Gifts are something positive and that includes a Monday. To be quite honest, what are days of the week anyways? Humans make such a great deal out of time. We have more of it than we think. Since we go by a clock and a calender it can appear daunting. Lets instead shift our percpectives. Instead of looking at Monday like a day of the week, lets see it as the gift that it is. Take a step back and see that each day is full of minutes...minutes that are granted to you for free!

If we are living in the moment than we will see time so much differently. I will look forward for
each new Monday, like a new start and a new gift. Believe it and it shall be!