Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pink Zebra with Deni

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How is everyone doing? It is already the middle of August, wow! This year is flying by and I am having fun. Today I will be sharing my Pink Zebra experience! Pink Zebra is a home fragrance brand that allows you to personalize your fragrance. I love to make my home smell good but not overpowering. With Pink Zebra I have a choice. 

Miss Deni sent me two things to get me started with the PZ experience. The Teal Simmer Pot and the Relax-Lavender & Vanilla Sprinkles. I have a simmer pot for my tarts, so I had a good idea how it works. What is completely new to me are the sprinkles. 

Once I plugged in the simmer pot I added just a few sprinkles to get it started. The important thing to not do is to add too many at once. After a few minutes I added a teaspoon or so more to the pot. The smell is amazing and very relaxing. I have mine in the kitchen and it smells up most of my home. My children do not complain that it is too strong and I have no one sneezing. Sensitive noses in my house :D

Isn't this simmer pot nice? I love the color and size of the pot. Next, I compared the Pink Zebra simmer pot with my current one. I want to say first that I love both very much. I think that they both do well for the product they are made for. For example, with my simmer pot I use my tarts. These tarts are very large and made of soy wax. So, it takes longer for them to melt. Since my simmer pot gets hotter, it works very well for that. The Pink Zebra simmer pot is my favorite color and heats perfectly for those amazing sprinkles! This is of course my personal opinion on them.

Check out my short video below :)

My experience with Pink Zebra was fantastic! I really enjoy the scent I received and am in love with the simmer pot. I highly recommend PZ and Deni Kidwell! The scent is amazing and it is very fun to use. I will be ordering some different scents in the future and I hope you give it a try too.

I hope you enjoyed my review because I sure did! I love sharing amazing products with you. Be sure to check out Deni's website to see all the other scents they have. Shop here!

Meet Deni...
Hello and welcome to my website!  I'm Deni, a wife, mom and grandma to 3 wonderful grandson's! 

I joined Pink Zebra May '15 and I have to tell you, I couldn't be more excited and happy I made that decisions!!  I absolutely LOVE Pink Zebra! I love that the company helps single mom's with the Heroes Program! I love the products!! When new products come out, I am like a kid at Christmas! I love that you can mix the Sprinkles to make your own Diva Fragrance!!! 

My husband and I love to travel and experience new things, places, food and fun! We also enjoy a great baseball game whether on the TV or live and spending time with our kids and grandsons. Who knew grandkids could be so much fun? 

Please contact me whether you would like to Host a Party or find your favorite scent, I would love the opportunity to assist you!

*I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*