Monday, September 28, 2015

Homeschooling isn't Easy

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Some days I feel like the kids and I don't do enough "learning". The days go by and I feel as if nothing ever gets done. I have pretty much given up on planning anything at all because my kids are so self-driven. They choose what they want to read and learn about each day. This isn't easy for me. I like some kind of order. Something....seeing progress. Maybe I need another perspective? 

They probably change their minds every 5 minutes about what is "interesting" to learn. Guess what? I keep forgetting that they are 10 and under. Of course they are going to change their minds. My oldest loves to read and write. She will do that all day. Great, I love that. Now to get the second child to love reading. This is so hard! She says she "Hates to read" and it is the worst thing in the world to do. I know this girl can read better than she lets on. The struggles we face...

Yes, one day it will just click with her. I know it. Because she is so smart and has such determination. She also gets so frustrated when she can't do certain things without reading. So I know it will happen.....have patience. 

It has been awhile since we have done any major arts and crafts. Mom has been a bit burnt out with it and just the daily demands of a stay at home Mom. Something that has taken over the entire house right now is Minecraft. Yes, even I have gotten into it. It does get addicting. I use to play video games as a kid but nothing like this. One day I planned a lesson around it. We used math and art and they had a lot of fun with that.

 I do have a pioneer study planned for October/November. Our big craft will be candle making, so stay tuned! Who doesn't like candles for fall? 

I want to also say that Homeschooling is HARD. Sometimes it is so easy. I don't ever want it to appear to be easy because that wouldn't be true. We have days where things go smooth, and  I can really see that they are learning and growing. The other days well, not so much. Mostly because we as humans like to make life harder than it should be.

I don't know if I will ever figure it all out.

Plans change daily. I just have to remember that it will all work out. The best things in life aren't meant to be easy. So wish me luck and keep in touch. We can help each other through this life long journey.

I found this cute video of these homeschool boys. Proof that it works out :) Enjoy!

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