Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crafts with Family.

My mind has been in all directions lately. 

So much in fact that I forgot to share a special moment. I usually don't tell all the behind the scenes stuff because its just too much to type lol. This involves arts and crafts so I think it falls under the "pretty important" category as well as "these moments don't happen often" category. I can't stress enough how important this topic sister. We all have busy lives. Life goes by too fast. So I will cherish the time the kids and I get with my sister.

Well, not only did she visit, she brought arts and crafts! How exciting lol I do so much with my kids that I get tired and burnt out sometimes. This is normal by the way. So it was so refreshing to have someone else take over this time.

She brought things to make our own dream catchers and each kid was given a letter of their initial to paint and decorate. We all spent hours crafting and catching up. It was definitely a fun time for us all and a day we will never forget. Below is the results of their letters. I think they did a beautiful job! I don't have pictures yet of the dream catchers but if you are interested in making them with your children, go to New Craft Ideas board on Pinterest :)

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