Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Plans for Summer 2015

Hello out there! Is it June already!?!? Half the year gone. Wow...Summer seems to be the most popular of the seasons. We all have plans for fun in the sun, bbq's and much needed family time. Dad, the kids and I have some fun things planned too! After we get our yard ready and get some fun toys to keep cool. I'm not a huge fan of summer because the heat in Georgia is so humid. One day I will have a house with a huge wrap around porch accommodated with ceiling fans and a screened in porch LOL. Maybe even a misting sprinkler haha.

My kids favorite thing to do outside right now is ride their bikes and play in the dirt. I'm grateful for the Summer so the kids can soak up their vitamin d and enjoy the fresh air after a long winter. Our winters here are very unpredictable the past few years. Not too much outside time.
Back to summer. Our plans so far are swimming at the lake, barbecuing,  picnicking, hiking, and maybe some historic adventures. I don't plan to stop the learning and growing. Summer is also our time to focus on strengthening our weak subject skills as well as what we enjoy learning. It will be even more laid back with a mix of outside time.

One example of my kids interests are birds. They are always talking about them, asking what kind this and that one is. They even had a book about birds given to them. It is called,  "Common Birds of North America". Inside the book it has a profile of each bird. Where it lives and identification tips. I was really surprised at how much my oldest daughter was into this book. So, I did a search for some kind of resources to go with it. I found, The CornellLab of Ornithology. They celebrate urban birds.

They give away free kits at and offer materials and suggestions for celebratory activities such as gardening, bird watching, and art and citizen-science projects. All this helps raise awareness about birds in the city and to help scientists learn how birds use urban habitats. You spend at least 10 minutes watching birds, check off which of 16 target species you see and then send the information back through mail or their website.

That is just one of the things we will be doing soon. I chose this because they love birds. I also love to help in a cause of I can! If you would like anymore information about celebrating urban birds either go to their website or leave me a comment.