Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mommy Fail?

SO, today I had planned on starting our project on Celebrating Urban Birds. Well today has not gone as planned so far. I did not sleep well at all last night and ended up sleeping in late. I have piles of laundry and dishes and kids running everywhere. All while feeling stiff in my bones and muscles. Let me tell you how nice it is to have older children now! My 10 yr old made breakfast for her siblings and kept them entertained. Mommy fail? I don't know but I am super proud of her.

 Here is another reason why I have not started our bird watching yet. I started gathering all the laundry. Heading to the laundry room with baskets overflowed. Our laundry room is separate from the house. I open the back door to go to the laundry room. I start the first load and go fetch the rest of my baskets. As I am heading back inside I hear a thump. So I turn around and on the ground there lies another (3rd) baby bird that has fallen out of its nest.

 This is so heartbreaking. The first two I found laying out already gone to heaven. BUT this one is still moving/breathing. I feel so helpless. I used a rag to gently pick it up and it just cries in pain :( major sad face! The momma bird is nowhere to be found. As I was holding it, I cried and prayed for it. Yes, I am a big baby. This poor baby bird! Well, I am not in much of a mood to go bird watching today.

Here is a picture of the nest:

 So you can see how unsafe this nest is. These birds must relocate their nest, otherwise they will keep losing their babies. I guess I will be taking it down today with a heavy heart. A friend of mine told me she went through the same thing and it attracted many snakes. So far no snakes! If anyone has any advice about birds and nests please feel free to leave me a message. I would love to help these birds in my area.

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