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Fairytale Pillows by Amy


It is time to announce my next featured entrepreneur! She is sweet, spunky, kind and very talented. She has a big heart and a huge passion for what she does. Her name is Amy Breen and she will be sharing all about herself by answering the questions below.

Tell us a little about you.
I am a 36 year old mom to a beautiful 7 year old girl, a wife of 10 years to a really good man (17 all together) and a proud cancer survivor of 3 years! I had worked in the medical field for 15 years until April of 2014 when I was diagnosed. Im hanging in there but everything has changed. I'm not the same person I used to be and I never will be. I was left unable to physically work. Not as fun as you'd imagine. At the beginning of this year with a lot of nudging from my friends I started a little business that I run from my house and I hand-make all my inventory. Things are starting to finally look up after a couple of really bad years.
Where are you from?
I was born in Bellingham, Massachusetts…
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Natural Health: Oxylent Supplements

I am always trying to find the best vitamins for my kids. It is important to me to give them something that will help their growing bodies and immune system. Most vitamins sold at stores like Wal-Mart are full of synthetic ingredients. One has to really pay attention to the ingredients list, even if it does say Natural. I have an eight month old, and although he doesn't need vitamins because I breastfeed, I need them very much! 

Breastfeeding takes a lot from a Mother. She needs all the nutrients and vitamins that she can get. If she doesn't then it all goes to baby, leaving her with nothing. Let's face it, Mom needs to take care of herself too! I have recently discovered a natural vitamin supplement for the whole family. This is not your everyday vitamin. It is a vitamin powder that you add to your water. Shake and drink!
A company called Vitalah and founder Lisa Lent created an amazing health and nutritional supplement. I was sent to review a few from their Oxylent line. I…

Homeschool Blogging Fund

So this blogging's amazing, fun, and inspiring. It has brought me to many things. I've learned so much and continue to do so. It makes me so happy inside to write. I gain so much happiness, excitement and even a sense of peace through writing. The fact that I can even bring some sort of inspiration, insight or advice to someone makes my heart sing. When I am giving, I am also receiving so much more. 
But...I've hit a wall. A wall I can't seem to make it over, because... money. One can't get too far without money. This is a sad and exhausting fact for me. You can only do so many things for Free...and when it's free, bloggers have to work 2x harder to get to their audience. You can have the best content in the whole blogosphere and it wouldn't matter if no one was seeing it.
I have been working at it day in and day out. It's rough y'all. I am a full time homeschool Mom on top of it. I'm exhausted...
So you know what I decided to do? …

5 Ways to Homeschool On A Budget

Homeschooling can be expensive BUT it can be affordable and even FREE. It can be whatever you like. There are always ways to save or not. You just have to learn to be smart and frugal about it. I recommend all new homeschoolers take advantage of all the free resources out there. It is a good idea to have plenty of printing paper along with a printer. Even if you don't have a printer you can go to your local library or even Office Depot. My Office Depot is actually cheaper. Imagine that. Anyway, getting to my 5 ways to homeschool on a budget....

1. Don't bother buying curriculum:
Well, you don't have to take my word for it. Everyone is truly different, especially your children. I am so glad I didn't break down and buy an expensive curriculum when we started out. Boy did I want to so bad! Let me buy allll the books and school supplies. I very much enjoy shopping for books. It is better than Christmas!
What I learned though was, my kids didn't all like the same things an…

Homeschool Anniversary: Year 4

"There is no school equal to a decent home, and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent." - Click to Tweet

It is the start of another "Homeschool" year. A new year means new beginnings. Just like children grow every year, so does our way of homeschooling. For the most part we are an un-schooling family. I love it this way and they are happier for it. It means we can do things our way. It means if we are tired of books, then we can go explore outside instead. It also means that my kids are not learning in a school setting. They know how to cook, clean and even sew barbie clothes for their dolls. They can learn what they want on their own. They know how to research, do cursive handwriting, and make pancakes from scratch.

I am probably the proudest Mother. I have children whose imagination is so big that it would fill this world 10 times over. They can write stories, poetry and draw pictures to go with them. They make up their own plays and tell a story through songs and …
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