Sunday, July 23, 2017

Entrepreneur Connections: Monday

Yes it is Monday again! A fresh new week just for you. You have been granted and blessed with time. Time with your loved ones, time with enjoyment of life. Lastly, time to make the most of your time on social media.

We all know it's hard work. Trying to get people to see you. I'm still figuring it all out myself. It is definitely a learning process. But, I will not give up on my quest! I will not give up on helping you also.

Today, we are going to connect on Instagram. This is my favorite social media site. I love seeing pictures of my friends families and other awesome entrepreneurs, bloggers and authors. 

Have you had trouble with Instagram? I'd love to help you. You can email ( 
or message me on Facebook anytime.

Instagram tip: Hashtags! Want more views, likes and fans? Use them.

Do you have a Facebook party or event planned? For many direct sales people, Facebook parties are very important and successful. Do you use online parties for your business?

Well, I hope to connect with you at Entrepreneur Connections. Let me know how I can help you. 

Happy Monday
<3 Jessica

Featured Entrepreneur

Hello homeschoolers and entrepreneurs!

I am so excited to tell you all about my featured business. She is a dear friend, wonderful Mother and child of God. I have gotten to know her over the past year or so and I am so grateful to have met her. She is a warrior, boss-lady, independent, intelligent and kind woman.

Her name is Kayla and she is my friend and a fellow blogger. As a Christian Life Coach and Virtual Supporter, her mission is to help encourage, motivate, and empower women through Christ. 

She has been an inspiring blessing to me. She has helped motivate and encourage me in my writing and with God. 

Do you need encouragement? Could you use a little motivation in your live? How close are you to the Lord? I encourage you to contact Kayla and have a conversation with her. She is a very caring and understanding person.

Are you an entrepreneur who struggles with social media? She has many tips to share and guidance to provide you. Visit her website VIRTUOUS MAMA. You will find it very helpful I promise you that!

Connect with Virtuous Mama on Facebook and send her a message. She would be glad to help you.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram too!

"Hey, Mama. You are beautiful, you are strong, and you are loved. Do you need encouragement? Do you need inspiration? Do you need help with walking closer with the Lord? Let's connect. 

Are you an entrepreneur? Is social media a mystery to you? Would you like some tips and ideas for how to unravel that mystery? Let's connect!"

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sunday: DIY

It is DIY Sunday at What's Happening With Jessica. Where we share all of our awesome "Do it yourself" ideas, tips and tricks! At Entrepreneur Connections you can post any of your DIY ideas. Do you sell essential oils? Maybe you have a great recipe to share. Do you sell makeup products? Maybe you have a homemade makeup remover recipe.

Follow my Handmade Crafts & More, board on Pinterest to get some fun craft ideas for your kids. 

We also have Snap a pic or Selfie Sunday. It is pretty neat to see what everyone is up to. It also helps us get to know one another better. So, where are you today? What does your day look like? Come share with us or comment on this blogpost and let me know.

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday.

"It is time to do what makes your Soul happy"

<3 Jessica

Find Craft supplies and More HERE

Pinterest & Facts About You

Hello there! It is Saturday....does that make you happy? Or maybe days of the week do not matter to you like some. For me, well, it usually doesn't matter here at home. However, it does in the online world where I schedule posts and keep up with social media sites.

Today I bring to you Pinterest and A Fact About You. This is one of my favorite posting days. I really love them all though! For Pinterest we share, follow and pin. Ahhh I love Pinterest. Even more now, since I am getting the hang of it.

You can follow my Homeschool, business and other Pinterest boards below by tapping the purple Pinterest icon below. Psssstt...don't you just love my new icons?

I like to get a little personal. Getting to know the people you are supporting is a must in my book. 

Connections=Real Support

We all like to help our friends right? I find it more rewarding to support if I know who I am lending a hand to. That doesn't mean I wouldn't help a stranger. I would in a heart beat!

So....Saturday is for sharing something personal. What is one unique thing about you?

Join my group ENTREPRENEUR CONNECTIONS and like my page and share with us!

I hope to see you there. <3 Jessica

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fan Page Friday

I absolutely love helping my fellow entrepreneurs! I can't say it enough. It brings me much happiness to know I am able to help others; even in small ways. Like I have said before in my Website Wednesday post, support is so important to our success.

Each day I schedule posts on What's Happening With Jessica to help others get support on their social media pages. It is all about promoting each other. 

Friday is Fan page day. We follow, like and share content in order to reach a 
bigger audience.

Did you know?

Facebook's algorithm has changed. If you like someone's business page or follow someone on their personal page, you won't see every post! If no one likes it after the first few minutes it gets lost. If you like their post and comment it gets put through again and again so another set of people will view it. 

So if you visit a page and interact that helps them greatly. There is also a follow setting you can choose: default, or see first.

Another engaging post that has become very helpful is Groups & Events. I guess it is pretty obvious what this one is for as well. Share your group or event and join! It is not mandatory to join a group. I actually encourage you to NOT if you have no interest and do not plan on being active. Let's be real right?

I also post all of these within my group ENTREPRENEUR CONNECTIONS. I would love to have you join us. Happy Posting!

<3 Jessica

"I don't want to live in the kind of world where we don't look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I cant change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit."

Website Wednesday

I have decided to bring Website Wednesday to my blog. How cool is that!? Each Wednesday on my Facebook page and in my group Entrepreneur Connections, we share our websites and help each other by interacting. We have direct sales professionals, bloggers and writers that come together for support and connecting. 

It is so important to me to support other entrepreneurs. We all have goals, plans and our eye on the ball. In order for a group like this to succeed, we all need to interact and be as active as your life allows. It is hard going it alone. Let's do this!

We do this by following each others pages, sharing sales, blogs and posts and most importantly learning and connecting. There is so much we all can gain. 

This group is very new and still a work in progress. The members are all very great people who all want basically the same get their audience to SEE them. So, come join us and see how we can all help each other!

I look forward to seeing you there.

<3 Jessica

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Unschoolers Life

Not all home-school families are the same. In fact, there are many approaches to learning at home. You have the "School" at home, which is home-school mirroring public school. You have Curriculum based learning (many styles I don't care to get into) which is very structured. Did I tell you how I am the total opposite of those?

I have never been very good at sticking to schedules, lists or curricula. It never works and things are always changing for us. My kids grow and with it comes the changes. So after 5 good but challenging years I've discovered that a laid back approach is best for my family. I call it unschooling. 

Unschooling does not have one definition. For many, it means different things. It could be workbooks and field trips or some curricula with videos & music. It comes down to NOT mimicking the public school setting. To let it mold you while going with the flow. 

Kids learn through everything you can imagine. Cooking (math), cleaning (responsibility), nature walks and much more. Kids get to learn more compassion and they are able to be closer to their parents and siblings. 

I'm learning too!

Seriously, I learn just as much. Not just about math concepts, regions of the world or 100 of the deadliest animals. I learn more patience, balance, compassion and understanding of life and of my children. 

Gosh, but what about socializing?

I cannot stand this question. It really gets under my skin every time it is brought up. Most homeschool kids get as much or more socializing than public school kids. I will give you a truth bomb about me. We probably do not get much. I have five kids, one is 6 months old and we don't have a big enough vehicle right now. Yes that sucks and it can make it much more difficult in so many ways. But guess what?

It has not made my children weird or awkward. They are a bit shy but I like them that way. It's a big scary world out there and they shouldn't trust many. We make our life situation work the best we can. They do get away for library trips and such. At the end of the day my kids are fed, learning, happy and have a place they can lay their sleepy heads at night. They have parents that love them unconditionally...can't be so bad right?

Homeschool Update

Life has been extremely busy since the birth of our baby boy last December. We are working on things this summer because we took a long break. I'm almost positive they learned a few things. I now have 3 fluent readers. Let me tell you how hard it is to teach your child to read. I haven't really taught so much, but guided them through it. It is the most challenging thing about homeschooling. Once that is accomplished it is much easier for them to grasp subjects and learn independently. 

I try not to focus on grade levels but it helps them get a feeling of accomplishment when I tell them "Yay, you passed 2nd grade!" So with that said, I now have a 6th, 4th, 2nd and Kindergartner! Oh my are my hands full. It can really get overwhelming and you always worry a little that you aren't doing enough. I don't think that feeling ever goes away. I have to pray about it and rely on those "aha!" moments.

This extremely important job I have is hard, rewarding, frustrating, fun and downright tiring....and I love it! 

Imagination Comes from Her Soul

Goodness! I have to share something with you all! I have to brag and scream it to the world! My child, my first born daughter, my baby....she is amazing! Kami is a writer. She can put a story together in minutes. When I read her stories my mind gets lost in the world of her imagination.

There are no words to begin to describe my pride. I am astonished but yet not so, because she has always been so intelligent. Kami inspires me each time with her emotion filled words and magical poems. I may be a bit biased. I don't think that matters. You should honestly see for yourself. 

Ever since this girl picked up a pencil, she's had a gift that flowed from her into the white blank page below. First, it started with drawings. Her artwork had a story in itself. As soon as she could read and write well, nothing could stop her creativity. Next it was writing songs. Everyone, including her grandmother was so awe inspired by this 7 year olds writing. 

By the time she was 10 she was writing chapter length stories. Making her own books and having Mom illustrate. She could have done that too but at that point she was really zoned into her writing. 

Around 2-3 years ago I came across a very neat website called StoryBird. A safe place for kids and even adults to write stories, poems and more. A safer social media site for kids (my words and opinion). You can follow other aspiring writers and share posts. A great place to get motivated and inspired. 

I would love to share a few of her poems with you.

Aren't they beautiful? Do they speak to you in some way like they have for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Kami will be reading this, so if you'd like to leave her a comment she'd love that. Thanks for stopping by to let me brag 😊

If you'd like to see more of her poems and read her stories click the link below.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

That One Simple Word

Just say No...

Do people consider you a nice person? Someone whom they can rely on and go to whenever times are tough? Does Sally come to you often about her problems and always asking you for a favor? What do you usually say? "Oh sure Sally, I can give you a cup of sugar" or "Yes Sally, I would be glad to host that online party for you." People tend to take advantage of you because you just can't say no. Knowingly or not, it's happening and it can really cause some major stress in your daily life.

Don't you ever get sick of saying YES all of the time? I sure do! Not because I don't want to help people. I love helping people. That is what I do! Sometimes, I have to just say NO. No, I have some pretty important things to take care of right now. This has been on my mind lately and I thought, what the heck? Maybe some people will relate to it. 

So, I am going to attempt to give you my reason's to say NO, all while not feeling bad about.

I just don't want to! 

It is totally okay not to want to do something. If you have no interest in an outing with a friend (you may be a homebody like me) or possibly no interest in a certain product someone wants you to try/buy. You cannot be honest if there is no interest there right? This can go so many ways but I am sure you get what I am saying.

I have enough on my plate.

Do you have a lot going on in your family? I know having my five kids is quite a lot most days. That includes my adorable teething six month old bundle. Half the time my hair doesn't get brushed. I could go on but that'll have to wait for another post! 

The point is, say NO, I just have too much going on right now. It is okay! If they take offense, then guess what? You don't need that. One less person to please. Good riddance! So, don't take on more than you need to. Family and your happiness comes first!

It really isn't the end of the world either. Most people will understand and not take any negativity from it. Just be kind and be honest. In the end you'll feel better for it.

I asked a few friends on Facebook about what they would say. Here are a few responses that may work for you:

"I'm sorry. I currently spend most of my time schooling my children and running my business. That's where I have to focus my precious time right now."

"NO, thank you. I'm focusing on something else right now. So I'm afraid that I won't be able to spend the right amount of attention on what you're asking me to do. Please ask me again another time or I will come to you when my schedule isn't so busy."

Do you use this one? I know I have!

" I always say I have to ask my husband then tell them he said no."

"I would say no if it was something which went against my beliefs. If I didn't feel comfortable in a situation."

Do you have a nice response to add? Comment below and share! 

Beauty Essentials Review

BeautyCounter with Rhea

Hello my friends! I am bringing you an amazing beauty essentials review today. I absolutely love anything to do with self-care. It is so important to take care of ourselves ladies! Being a Mother does take a lot of my time and I do not prioritize this area in my life enough, I will admit. 

From homeschool, housework, social media networking, writing and baby gets busy. Did you see wash face and apply make-up on that list? Nope! Since starting this review I have applied a little self-care to my daily routine, finally. I love gaining a bit more confidence with each review I produce.

So what is BeautyCounter?

Have you heard of BeautyCounter? This company is pretty new to me! I am so grateful to learn about more amazing companies through my work. BeautyCounter is a mission based company that produces skin care and make-up. 

"Our Mission is: To get safer products into the hands of everyone."

If you ask me, that should be every companies mission. We are all in this world together. Let's take care of one another and our home. Read more about their mission below:

"Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including but not limited to asthma, cancer, and infertility) are on the rise and are due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals—whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, while we eat lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home.

Over the past two decades, the European Union has banned more than 1,300 chemicals in the product formulas of personal care products and restricted the levels of over 250 more in such products. The United States has only partially banned 30 to date.

We deserve better, and we're doing something about it.

At Beautycounter, we’re committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law: We’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through our "Never List”—all while ensuring our products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any other luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil in the market.

We sell products that are safe AND really work.  And all the while, we are actively advocating for increased regulation of the beauty industry and laws to make all beauty products safer."

My Beauty Essentials

I was sent a nice beauty regimen. Three step skin-care routine that I have grown to love and appreciate. 

Charcoal Cleansing Bar Sample:

The Charcoal Cleansing Bar detoxifies and absorbs impurities in your skin without drying it out, resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion. Made with antioxidant-rich, organic green tea and hydrating organic coconut oil, the gentle formula can be used daily on your face and body.
My thoughts: Wow, this bar is super cleansing as stated. It did not dry out my face or cause my skin to ash (which is something that happens a lot). I love how clean my face feels long after I have used it. I highly recommend this!
Rejuvenating Radiance Serum: 
The Rejuvenating Radiance Serum helps even the look of skin tone, improve hydration, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to a combination of vitamin C, mixed fruit acid complex, and algae and marine extract. Lightweight and easily absorbed, the formula is a must for layering under your moisturizer.
"72% of women showed a significant increase in skin firmness after eight weeks of use. 52% showed significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the neck area after 8 weeks of use. (Results based on independent, 8-week, 25-subject, single-blind clinical and consumer perception study.)"
My thoughts: At first I didn't think it was doing much for my face. I admit, I was very impatient. Once I took a before and after picture, I actually saw a great deal of difference. Not so much in the lines I have acquired over the years but the firmness of my skin. This serum has also contributed to moisturizing and brightness of my skin. I feel that once I have used it longer, I will see even more changes. I love that it feels light on my skin.

No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil: 
Lightweight and silky smooth, our proprietary blend of seven natural oils moisturizes, nourishes, and helps firm skin. Fragrant jasmine oil replenishes moisture, while omega-rich argan oil helps minimize the appearance of fine lines. Perfect for all skin types and those concerned with dry skin, loss of elasticity, and fine lines.
My Thoughts: The combination of the oils make a beautiful scent in this plumping facial oil! I am an oily Mama and this was a huge hit for me. I was sad when it was all gone. It moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling heavy and did not cause me to have any breakouts. 

Tint Skin Foundation:  
Our game-changing Tint Skin Foundation is a lightweight, creamy foundation that cares for your skin. The formula goes on seamlessly and blends effortlessly to cover imperfections and even skin tone. And sodium hyaluronate, a natural moisture magnet, promotes smoother-looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Comes in eight highly blendable shades, each uniquely formulated to suit a range of skin tones. Every skin tone gets a match—because we believe everyone deserves enviably beautiful skin.
My thoughts: This tinted foundation goes on very smooth. A little definitely goes a long way. It helped conceal my blemishes and scars without looking like I actually had anything on. Again, no breakouts resulted in the use of this product. I am amazed but not surprised. 

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer:   
Our tinted moisturizer leaves skin with a luminous glow. Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage SPF 20 provides lightweight, sheer hydration that evens skin tone while protecting the skin from sun damage. Black currant, peony flower root extract, and vitamin C reduce the appearance of age spots and enhance skin brightness, while sodium hyaluronate promotes firmer, smoother-looking skin.
My thoughts: As with the tinted foundation...the same applies

Protect All Over Sunscreen SPF 30:  
Created with the entire family in mind, this lightweight, water-resistant sunscreen is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide to blend seamlessly into skin without leaving white streaks, protecting you against both UVA and UVB rays. Aloe helps hydrate skin, while antioxidant-rich green tea and blood orange extracts fight free radicals.
My thoughts: This is a huge one in my house. I refuse to buy any cancer giving SPF sunscreen! SO many people use harmful sunscreens and do not realize how it is harming them more than the actual sun. I am very grateful to have tried BeautyCounter's sunscreen. I only needed to apply it one time while using it.

Lip Conditioner in Peppermint:
Soothes and softens lips with peppermint and rosemary oils.

My thoughts: Last but definitely not least! The most amazing (I know I use this word a lot) lip conditioner I have ever tried. I love that it is made with these chosen essential oils. Cooling and refreshing, all while long lasting. Absolutely love!

Check out these awesome before and after photos. Top left is before the beauty bar, serum and plumping oil. Top right is after! The bottom two show myself wearing the tinted foundation. Do you see a difference? I sure do and I feel amazing!

***Now that I have given you the 411 on BeautyCounter and my experience, I want to introduce you to the lady that rocks her biz wholeheartedly. Keep reading, don't stop now or you will miss out on something great!***

Hi everyone,

I am a homeschooling mom of two (almost three!).  After working as a non-profit Director and social worker for 15 years, I am transitioning to being a WAHM, especially with the addition of another sweet baby arriving in July!

A little over a year and a half ago, I had a sudden onset of psoriasis that left my health at its lowest point.  This was frustrating, as I have been working on clean eating and reducing toxins for years.  For several months, I could not use any products on my skin, other than coconut oil and castor oil.  This left me frustrated, feeling greasy and with new wrinkles on my face!  Although my diet was clean, I realized that my skincare was not as clean as it could be.

The first Beautycounter products I tried were the shampoo and conditioner.  I nearly cried tears of joy when I first used it.  After not being able to use shampoo for many months (I tried so many brands), I found one that didn’t irritate my skin and actually improved my skin!  I started to use more and more products from Beautycounter.

I love the mission of Beautycounter – to put safer products in the hands of everyone.  Beautycounter consultants and executives actively advocate for legislation to regulate the beauty industry and reduce dangerous chemicals we are putting on our skin – our largest organ!

After a year of using their products and falling in love with their mission, I decided to join as a consultant.  I am loving the meaningful work and being able to be at home with my kids. 

To order, visit my website:  Anyone who orders and mentions this blog will get a free protect lip balm! (Just email me after you order and let me know you heard about me from this blog and I will send it your way) 

Join my facebook group to find out about Beautycounter promotions, and specials, samplesand giveaways from me!:

Follow me on Instagram! Rheabeautycounter

**Hey there! I received these products Free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. There may be some affiliate links as well. Thank you for stopping by!**

Friday, June 23, 2017

Book Review

Hello my friends! I am so excited to share my newest book review with you today. As you should know by now I love to read. Books are one of my favorite things. I do not have as many opportunities to read these days but I make time for it. It is important to do things that make you happy.

I was chosen to read "Loving Her Scars" By B.M. Griffin. This book is a paranormal romance. What gal doesn't like a good romance? Added to this bittersweet romance is a twist of exciting paranormal action. I have always loved reading about fantasy since I was a little girl. From vampires and ghosts to werewolves and monsters. As an adult, I have came to appreciate the drama and details of a good story. "Loving Her Scars" does just that. You have the romance, some back story, a good plot and amazing characters!

It took me some time to get started with this story because I had to put it down to take care of my baby. Honestly, it would have taken me one day to finish it. I enjoyed it very much. The only problem I had with it? I didn't want it to end! Will there be another one? You have to buy this book and find out for yourself! You will not regret it. If it weren't worth it, I wouldn't encourage you to do so. Read below for the books description:

Order here
 "Shayla's scars run deeper than those on her body. Being beaten by a man you loved can do that to you. Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scarred in more ways than one. Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla for as long as he can remember. He couldn’t save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. There’s just one little thing she doesn’t know—Adam is a werewolf. Shayla gets sucked into a world of werewolves and finds herself opening up to Adam’s love, but there is one alpha wolf who threatens to take it all away. If they are going to survive they’ll need to come together to fight for each other and their pack. Can Shayla find the strength to leave her past behind and fight for the future she wants, or will she hide and lose herself to the pain all over again?"

To order in the UK buy here


Bonnie Griffin, known as Author B.M. Griffin, lives in the small town of Richlands, North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. She has been successful in the business world, obtaining her Business Management Associate’s Degree from Miller-Motte College, and becoming a highly successful Branch Manager in the financial industry. Now Bonnie is pursuing her Master's degree in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University as she works on making her dream of being a writer a reality; a dream she has desired since she was only ten years old.
Bonnie grew up in a broken home where reading became an outlet and a sanctuary.  It was this sanctuary that led to her desire to create fantasies for others to enjoy in the hopes of creating worlds that readers could use for their own escapes just as she had growing up.
Bonnie has an avid imagination and loves creating new worlds, creatures, species, and bringing them together through action and most of all, love. Her first novel, "Loving Her Scars", is a Paranormal Romance that is sure to capture readers' hearts and pull them into a wonderful world full of fantasy.
To keep up with the author be sure to follow her....

Do you use Amazon Kindle? This book is FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Did you enjoy this book review? Tell me what you think and comment below. Keep your eye out for my next book review coming soon! Have a blessed day ya'll!